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There are more resources now than ever before that can help you navigate through the confusion of a new celiac diagnosis.  These are some websites that many ROCK parents use for ongoing education, new questions, and to help others with answers.


Celiac Related Websites/Forums

Celiac List-Serv Subscription: Read news, announcements, or email in your questions and have them answered by members of the list-serv from across the country

Ongoing forum at Another reliable location where you can ask questions about celiac-related issues and people can help answer them

Order the DVD "The Happy Celiac: Helpful Hints for Living with Celiac Disease". **Mention Twin Cities R.O.C.K and recieve the DVD for $20 (regularly priced at $36). Don Wiss` links to CD/GI Websites

Don't Feed Me:  Site concentrating on Celiac Disease and food allergies in children.  Lists books, support groups and other helpful information for celiacs and people with additional food allergies.

The Essential Gluten Free Dining Guide / Triumph Gluten-Free Dining Cards
The Dining Guide has 3,800+ restaurant locations listed for all 50 states and the gluten-free lists or menus to 80+ chain restaurants.  The Dining Cards are laminated and come in 10 different languages.  Each card is translated and reviewed by at least 3 native speakers of the language being translated.

Celiac-related Blogs regarding lifestyle, news, cooking, and products

The Savvy Celiac: Tackles news, research, products and lifestyle issues regarding celiac disease and all things gluten-free.  This blogger has a child and a brother with celiac disease.

Gluten Free on a Shoestring:  Cooking and feeding a family gluten-free on a budget.  This blogger has a son with celiac disease.

Gluten-Free Faces:Gluten-Free social networking site

Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom: This blogger does step-by-step guides on new recipes she's tackled.  Complete with pictures and directions.

Gluten-Free Optimist: This blogger talks about the latest in gluten-free products, goodies etc.  She also reviews the Washington DC area for gluten-free locales to eat.  Helpful if going on vacation there.

Gluten-Free Restaurant Finders

Gluten-Free Registry

Gluten-Free on the Go

Gluten-Free Travel Site

Celiac Handbook


Gluten-Free Drugs


School/Child Care Resources

FAQs when dealing with rights in child care centers:

How to file a Title III complaint

How to create a Health Care Plan for Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease Handbook for School Professionals


Medical information:

PowerPoint Presentation on Celiac Disease

List of Dieticians in MN knowledgable on Celiac Disease

FDA Draft on Celiac Disease