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Newly Diagnosed? Get Help Now PDF Print E-mail

Getting a new diagnosis of celiac disease for your child can be surprising, frustrating, and/or scary all at the same time.  Making the gluten free lifestyle change for your family and child can really be a challenge. If you have a lot of questions or just need to vent your frustrations, you can contact us and we'll get a fellow parent in your geographic area to assist you at this time.  You can ask them all kinds of questions, go shopping with them and more. 

Making the change to a gluten free lifestyle is a lot easier when you have that person (or persons) to bounce questions off!

You can go to our Contact Us page and click on Meetings and Mentor Program in the "select department" dropdown.  Then you are on your way making this vital connection that could speed up your transition to gluten free and help your child make that change more easily.

If you would like to be a volunteer mentor, please click here.