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How is Celiac Treated? PDF Print E-mail

The only treatment for celiac disease/dermatitis herpetiformis the life-long adherence to gluten-free diet. When gluten is removed from the diet, the small intestine will start to heal and overall health improved. Medication is normally not required.

Because osteopenic bone disease is common and may be profound in patients with newly diagnosed Celiac Disease, bone density should be measured in adults at or shortly after diagnosis. Consult your physician regarding specific nutritional supplementation to correct any deficiencies. 

All patients should be monitored by their physician to ensure compliance with, and response to the gluten-free diet. Dietary compliance decreases the likelihood of osteoporosis, lymphoma and other associated illnesses. Adapting to the gluten-free diet requires some lifestyle changes. It is crucial to read labels which are often imprecise, and learn to identify ingredients that may contain hidden gluten. Be aware that hidden gluten can be found in some unlikely foods such as: cold cuts, soups, hard candies, soy sauce, many low or non-fat products, even licorice and jelly beans.

See Eating Gluten Free for information on safe and unsafe foods, ingredients and additives.

Some content provided by: Kids with Celiac Disease: A Family Survival Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy,
Gluten-Free Children
, Danna Korn,,Woodbine House, 2001